This Is By Far the toughest srk quiz you’ll ever take

Which of these names was given to Shah Rukh Khan by his naani before his mother changed it?

Which acting school did SRK learn acting from?

What course did SRK pursue in Hansraj College in DU?

Which sport did SRK play at college level?

What is Shah Rukh Khan's sister's first name?

Which of these was SRK's first film?

In which of these movies is SRK's name not Rahul?

How many times has SRK played a negative character in his career?

In which of these movies does SRK's character not die?

Which of these TV series did not feature SRK?

Which of these movies did not feature SRK in a cameo?

Which of these actresses has been paired opposite SRK the maximum number of times?

What series of numbers does SRK consider lucky for himself?

Which of these international honorary awards has not been conferred upon SRK?

Out of these domestic cricket associations, which one banned Shah Rukh from entering the stadium?

Which of the following is Shah Rukh's favourite carmaker?

Which of these toiletry segment lines has been launched by SRK?

Which of these production houses is not owned by SRK?

Which SRK movie is this love making scene from?

Which of these Bollywood actors had his/her wax statue erected at Madam Tussaud's before SRK?

Which is SRK's favourite music band?

Who is SRK's favorite author?

SRK's father held a Masters degree in which of the following disciplines?

Which of these celebrity kids is not born by IVF procedure?

Which of these league teams does SRK not own?

SRK bought his first flat in which part of Mumbai?

Which of these places does SRK not own property in?

In which of these scenes does SRK say 'I Love You K K K Kiran...'

Which of these universities awarded an honorary degree to SRK before the University of Edinburgh did?

In DDLJ, where does SRK's character Raj stay in London?

Complete the playful slang which SRK and his father in DDLJ Anupam Kher say in the movie:
Opochi Okoka ______ Olola

Which one of these locations does not feature in Jab Tak Hai Jaan?

How many professions does SRK change in Jab Tak Hai Jaan?

Which of the following international magazine covers has SRK not been on?

Which of these heroines did SRK say this dialogue to?

Can you guess the year of this award ceremony?

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